The 2021 carnival season has been postponed due to Covid-19!
For more information please go to Bridgwater Carnivals Website
All our fundraising events and services have been cancelled until 21st June 2021
If you want to use one of our services or have any questions please get in contact: westonzoylandcc@gmail.com

Welcome to Westonzoyland Carnival Club, we are a carnival club set in the village of Westonzoyland. We take part in the Somerset Guy Fawkes circuit. Best of luck to the other clubs for the following year. If you would like to enquire about joining click here. Click here to see the previous cart builds. For Westonzoyland Carnival Clubs youtube channel click here

Westonzoyland Carnival Club provides a fully licensed bar to suit all of your needs.
The following events Westonzoyland Carnival Club can offer for, : Weddings, Parties, small/large events. We ensure you that we will meet all of your own requirements for your event. This means your big day will be a success.


Our next event will be our annual once a year Mayday Fete on the 2022. For more information click here.

Our own biggest fundraiser will be Zoyland Live. This will be held in the heart of the village on 2022. If singing and dancing catches your eye, the festival of music will make you come alive. Our 12 hours, yes that’s right 12 HOURS of music will make enjoy yourself all day long. The event starts from 12 pm on Saturday then finishes at 00.00 Sunday morning. For more information click here.

Courtesy of South Somerset Carnivals
We would like to thank you all for the support in 2019 see you in 2020.