The roof goes on

As the first carnival date approaches (carnival dates) our new shed is starting to take shape. The steel frame that went up two weeks has now been topped with a roof and some gutters. There is a long running club joke, where Mr Sprags said he would start wiring the emergency lighting once the gutters are done, well the gutter are on!

Shed with roofThanks to a huge effort by many club members and a number of local build friends who have given their time for free, the “Great Wall of Westonzoyland” is now well out of the ground. We have to build an 80′ long and 20′ high wall between our shed and the neighboring farm to act as a fire break, which has added quite a delay to the project – let’s hope the weather holds out. All being well the new concrete floor should go in next week and then we’ll get a really good feel for how big the shed really is.

There is still some debate about how many weeks there will be between the shed being finished and the first carnival, but however it works out there won’t be much build-time this year!


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