Dragon Warriors - Final push

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With just under a week to go an atmosphere of excitement and tension is starting to fill the shed.  Sunday night saw the final meeting of the road crew and a last chance for the whole club to meet before the first carnival in Bridgwater on Friday the 5th.

With all the talk of VSO and licensing this year, just about every mechanical component has been checked and double checked.  Darren and Trevor have completely refurbished all the brakes over the last year and Andrew has rewired the lights and driver comms, so we should be good to go.  With all these checks completed the road crew took the trailer into town on Saturday to pick up the generator, confident all was well.  Sadly a phone call an hour later brought us back to earth, the guys had had a puncture in one of the rear tyres of the trailer, the same tyre that was repaired last year, so on went a new tyre.  Somet hings you just can't plan for, let's hope that's our only puncture this year!

Most of the engineering is nearing completion; Matt and Steve are finishing the steel on the generator trailer roof and all being well Tim has fixed the gates on the tractor :-)  There is still plenty of plywood to be fitted; Phil, Ross, Matt, James and Adam led by Budgie are still building walls and arches, but the finish line is in sight.

The girls have been painting for what seems like weeks, but there is still more to do.  Sophie and Lisa have covered the paint-room floor with glitter and even put some of it on the crystals :-)  Georgina, Henny, Michelle, Lucy, Kelly and Marie are now frantically painting the whole cart from top to bottom, although some are less keen than others to paint the top.  Ray has added some detail that brings the whole cart to life and Christian has applied his artistic talents to the dragons which has given them a new lease of life.  Wires are hanging from everywhere but Gary and Rich assure us they know what each one does and where it goes, I guess we'll soon find out!  Most of the speakers are now in place, and although we have not yet had a full sound check I'm sure Russell and Pete will be winding up the gramophone later this week.

Some of the performers were a little shocked when they saw the height and size of the dance platforms, but with practice well under way there's no time to change dance the moves.

Some late nights over the weekend have brought the cart on a long way and with some of the detailed components being fitted it's all taking shape.  Thanks to Sophie and Becky for the roast potatoes and sausage stew that have brought a welcome break to those long evenings.

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