Friday (early)

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I arrived at the shed about 7.00am to find a group of very weary club members still painting and hammering! Sadly they had run out of tea due to a lack of milk, so the first task was to put the kettle on.

Front gates on tractorA lot was completed overnight; the tractor cab area was boxed in and the walls on the rest of the tractor were built and sprayed.  All the decoration was on the generator and even the front gates had some spray detail although they won't be wired up until Bridgwater Parkway, so let's hope it doesn't rain.

Whilst some members continued to build, others started to remove the scaffold ready for the pull out.  The genni trailer came out easy enough and although the arches on the tractor roof were a couple of inches higher than the the shed roof supports, it still came out!

Finally the cart, which is always a difficult to pull out as there is a dip in the ground just as we leave the shed and we often ground out (perhaps we should fill the hole for next year?), but this time a few more revs from AJ's shiny new tractor and we were out.

We left the community centre field to the cheers on Westonzoyland Primary School who come out every year to cheer us on, and some of the children know just as much about carnival as the adults; some could even educate their classmates on the order in which the different components would leave the shed.

Cart awaiting  some bulbsNow we had to pull the cart down to the end of the airfield for a weight and brake check; this was an easy enough run and all the checks were soon completed, 44 tons :-)  We don't need to be in town until 2.00pm and its now 11.00am, so we have a 'little tinkering time'.

See you all at Bridgwater Carnival

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