One day left

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Just 24 hour to go now before we pull out for our VSO test and it’s difficult to believe we’ll be finished in time.  Last night Phil closed up the shed at 1:30am but we’ll probably be working through the night tonight.

‘Budgie’ (Daaaddddd!) is looking a little more stressed every time I see him, it’s amazing how his brain works to visualise the completed cart even though there is just a pile of wood in front of him.  Our Cart Captain Tim is battling through the stream of questions concerning “what shall I do next?”, “where does this go?” and “how long do you want this?”, yet he still manages to get his own jobs completed.

The gates at the front of the tractor now open and close, but they still need to be painted, have their bulb holders fitted and be wired up.  Most of the crystals are fitted on the cart and tractor, although they still need wiring up and having their tops glued on.  The guys are still cutting out ‘stones’ and screwing them on there is still a lot of painting to do, many areas need to be blacked out and edges covered over.  We wasted over an hour last night trying to work out which stained glass window fitted in which hole, they were apparently marked as they were removed, but some of these markings were in invisible ink.  Look for the Roman numeral “L” in the top of the windows for our 50th cart.

Last night’s menu was vegetable soup, which gave a chance for a welcome break and a time to retell stories of disasters in previous carnivals and to remember those who want be with us this year.

Carnival advertOne bit of good news; an article in “Woman’s Weekly” advertising Bridgwater carnival used a picture of last year's cart.  Also, keep your eye on the TV news of Friday night, there are rumours that we may be featuring...

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