Shepton Mallet 2010

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At last, a rain-free carnival.  The road crew had started the day by taking the decorated tractor to Pilton, hitching up the cart and genni and dragging it all to the back of the line-up at Shepton Mallet.  They then spent almost all afternoon replacing blown bulbs after the rain at Burnham.  By the time the rest of us arrived at 6.00pm the whole cart was lit up.  A small problem with the chain on one of our sets of crystals meant they wouldn't run tonight, but everything else is working.

Dragons on front of genni trailerThe procession started at 7.30pm, but we didn't cross the start line until after 9.30pm. The crowd were again very appreciative with plenty of applause and encouragement coming our way.  The procession went well with no incident, apart from the cart and genni having a small kiss as we negotiated a particularly tight turn.

Once we crossed the finish line we were on the final drag up the hill to the Foss round-about when the cart in front stopped to let their road crew get on.  Although they stopped on a flat stretch of road it meant we had to stop on possibly the steepest part of the hill, but some great driving from Steve meant we pulled away nice and easily.

We had a good drive into Wells too, almost without incident and we parked up in Division Two in a nicely sheltered spot under the bridge, and judging by tonight's forecast we couldn't be in a better place.

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