Wells 2010

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When I arrived at the cart tonight it was in total darkness and the cast were milling around the cart but the ground crew were nowhere to be seen, it turned out they were getting chips and tea!

During the day the road-crew had finally managed to repair the puncture on the front of the genni, so we were now back to full strength. Sadly the last set of crystals were still not turning and they may not turn for the rest of this season. 

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Wells was another carnival that seemed to take ages to get going and no sooner than we were a few hundred past the start than the mashals started to move us over and a fire engine came through. Vagabonds had caught fire just up in front. The fire was soon out but the procession was held up for at least half an hour and many of the spectators left.

The rest of the journey round was pretty much event-free. Matt was our driver tonight, he safely negotiated the corner at the end of Chamberlain street (a notoriously tight corner) and we were soon heading down the high-street. It was good to see so much local support near the finish. We had to get the cast off in the rain again and it was getting cold.

 We took the cart through to Glastonbury all-in-one and were soon lined up in Div 3 ready for Saturday's carnival. 

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