Burnham 2011

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The guys spent a long time today removing some of the components from the decorated tractor and fitting them to the front of the cart, as we realised that without the decorated tractor we have no sign to say who we were or what the cart is called.

Line-upApart from a hold-up when a dancer on one of the other carts hit a traffic sign, Burnham went very smoothly with good weather and a great turn-out.

Another down-side to not having the tractor was that there were 4 less dance platforms so some members missed their opportunity to go on cart.

Once finished at Brunham we had the long journey through to Sheptop Mallet. Without the decorated tractor we were able to move a little fasterbut it still took a long time. We had a good spot in Shepton, not too far from the fron and more importantly very close to a burger van.

The guys had been busy again today and we now had some new strobes behind the sign at the front and and the laser was finally working.

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