Glastonbury 2011

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The crowds at Glastonbury were huge this year; I don't think I've ever seen so many people there! The night was dry and warm and with the cancellation of North Petherton I guess many who would have gone there came to Glastonbury instead. The procession went well with another good response from the crowd.

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 From Glastonbury we took the cart across to Weston, the start of the journey was quite slow as we were stuck behind another club’s decorated tractor, we managed to get the cart past but the genie was stuck. When we got to the Piper’s Inn the cart went off up the A39 and the genie went down the A361 to try and by-pass the slow decorated tractor. The journey went very well and we arrived in Weston at about 1AM with the genie arriving about 15 min later. Sadly en-route we lost a section of roof that came down after being weakened by the rain over the past few days and when the gennie arrived we noticed the 3-phase tails had been trailing on the ground  (school-boy error).

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