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Can you guess what it is yet?In an attempt to learn from last years' dissapointments, this year the club was intent on making an early start to the build and maintaining the momentum through-out the year. Gary said he was fed-up with switching the lights on for the first-time whilst parked up in Parkway prior to our first procession and many of the members were so exhausted after the last few days of building that they had very little left for the procession.


Our first step towards our new build was to decide on a theme before Christmas so that we could all go away over the Christmas break and think up some ideas based around that theme. In early January all the ideas were brought to the club meeting and Tim's impressive model (which had spent the whole of Christmas, apart from Christmas day, on the dinning room table) won the day. By the end of the month the cart was stripped and we were ready to build.

Decorated tractor strippedAnother important job was to fix the decorated tractor after the engine had let-go on our way into Bridgwater carnival. After a massive effort in the backend of 2011 the decorated tractor was completely stripped and a detailed inspection of what was wrong could begin. Nno.2 piston and cylinder were deemed to be beyond repair and the hunt was on for a new engine, whilst other club member worked out how we could best split the now heavily modified tractor!

Donar tractorA team of guys from the club managed to source and aquire a donar tractor. As we wanted this to last the first thing we did was strip down the engine, inspect the cylinders, fit new piston rings, re-grind the cylinder head and generallygo through the whole engine. Now the donar is running we can start theheart-transplant....


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