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Westonzoyland Carnival Club

Burnham Carnival 2010

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When you walk from the start of the procession back down the line to find your cart, it's amazing how it always seems much further back than when you left it!

I arrived at the cart to see Steve and Matts' hands covered in oil and grease, so they had obviously had a busy day, but was it good busy or bad busy? As it turned out it was a bit of both.

Lined up at BurnhamA closer inspection of Matt's hands revealed a rather swollen little 'pinky'! Apparently he'd picked up another puncture on the inside wheel of the rear axle of the front bogie of our generator trailer. Whilst Matt and Steve tried to remove the wheel, the handle slipped off the jack crushing Matt's finger-ouch! By 5.00pm they'd got the wheel off (it hasn't been off for a while!) so now to get the tyre off the rim… Apparently that took another hour and the ATS guy had given up, but in true carnival style Matt and Steve managed to get the tyre off and the puncture was repaired.

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North Petherton 2010

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After the great result last night (3rd at Bridgwater) everybody was up-beat for the carnival ahead.  There was still lots to paint and some engineering to modify.  The police came round to check over the cart and suddenly the indicators stopped working!

North Pertherton is normally a wet carnival but tonight was clear and dry as the procession set off into town, the crowd looked happy and appreciative.  We crossed the start line just as the first few drops of rain started to fall...

We had a few technical issues with some of the wheels on the cart which led to a difference of opinion between the enineering team and the electrical team as to whether they should be switched off or left on.  Just like a family we have our disagreements from time to time.

We'd just passed the judges at the community centre, when the music went off! Whilst Budgie and Gary fiddled with the buttons, the cast did really well and managed to complete two whole sequences whilst keeping in time with no music, well done guys!  Soon the flat battery in the MP3 player was replaced and we were underway again, much to everyone's relief.

Finally we crossed the finish line and the rain was easing off, it had been a long carnival, but we'd made it!

It didn't take long to get everyone off and we could start the journey to Burnham.  A quick stop just outside Bridgwater to break down the cart and we were heading for our next stop.  It was a good journey with very little traffic and we were able to park up with out any problems.

Now to head home for our party at the Westonzoyland Community Centre.

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Friday (early)

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I arrived at the shed about 7.00am to find a group of very weary club members still painting and hammering! Sadly they had run out of tea due to a lack of milk, so the first task was to put the kettle on.

Front gates on tractorA lot was completed overnight; the tractor cab area was boxed in and the walls on the rest of the tractor were built and sprayed.  All the decoration was on the generator and even the front gates had some spray detail although they won't be wired up until Bridgwater Parkway, so let's hope it doesn't rain.

Whilst some members continued to build, others started to remove the scaffold ready for the pull out.  The genni trailer came out easy enough and although the arches on the tractor roof were a couple of inches higher than the the shed roof supports, it still came out!

Finally the cart, which is always a difficult to pull out as there is a dip in the ground just as we leave the shed and we often ground out (perhaps we should fill the hole for next year?), but this time a few more revs from AJ's shiny new tractor and we were out.

We left the community centre field to the cheers on Westonzoyland Primary School who come out every year to cheer us on, and some of the children know just as much about carnival as the adults; some could even educate their classmates on the order in which the different components would leave the shed.

Cart awaiting  some bulbsNow we had to pull the cart down to the end of the airfield for a weight and brake check; this was an easy enough run and all the checks were soon completed, 44 tons :-)  We don't need to be in town until 2.00pm and its now 11.00am, so we have a 'little tinkering time'.

See you all at Bridgwater Carnival

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Bridgwater Carnival 2010

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The trip into Bridgwater went really well and we were soon coupled up and in line.  Now was the chance to fit the rest of the 15000 light bulbs, touch up some last bits of painting, connect the last few wires and finally fix the front gates!

In between all this our Chairman 'Budgie' had to break off to do a little filming for ITV West, did you see him?

The cast of Dragon WarriorsThe cast started to arrived about 6pm and helped fit the last few bulbs.  I'd never seen the costumes and make-up before and they certainly looked good with the cart.  Due to the high dance positions, loading took a little longer than we expected but soon they were all on and the music wound up, time for a last practice.

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Thursday night (Late)

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I arrived at the shed at 2.00pm on Thursday and it was a very sombre atmosphere.  Everybody had been working 24 hours straight and they were starting to flag.  The generator sides are still bare and the tractor is about 50% complete but Andy and Budge are still beavering away, we also managed to rope-in a few more bodies to help the last push.

Tonight's meal is stew, which we are all looking forward to, but before that there is more wood to fit and paint.

I left the shed at 10:00pm last night but I could hear the sound of sawing and hammering all the way home.

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