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Westonzoyland Carnival Club

Shepton Mallet 2009

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Shepton was another wet carnival, seems to be the theme of the year.  We had a good spot in the line-up just near a burger van.  Despite the best efforts of Steve and Matt dismantling and rebuilding the centre motor, it still tripped out the drive every time we tried to start it.  We were also short of performers and well done to Marie for standing in with just 1 hours notice and about 10 minutes to practise the routine with music.

The procession went well with no drama and the crowds were appreciative.  Getting away at the end to Wells was delayed for 40 minutes due to an accident on another route out of Shepton.

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Early idea for cart

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Here's an early 3D image we made for the 2009 cart.


North Petherton 2009

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After a series of late nights getting the cart ready for Bridgwater there weren't many around to prepare for North Petherton. Matt was last seen crashed out on the lounge floor, Tim woke at 11:30 then fell asleep again till 2pm, Gary and Darren were off fixing a tractor leaving Steve and a few others to fix the things that broke last night. A mix-up early in the transfer from Bridgwater to North Petherton resulted in one of the marshals getting upset, sorry about that!

North Petherton procession lived up to it's reputation with an enthusiastic crowd and RAIN, although we managed to finish before it really hammered down and before someone hit a cable :-) Thanks to all those at the One2One youth club for the tea on the way round. We came first in class, a great result.

We arrived at Burnham-On-Sea in the rain after another event free journey.

Thanks to kiwipaper for this YouTube video:

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Burnham-On-Sea 2009

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Lined-up and all ready for the offAlthough the carnival was a little slow starting we made it under the newly installed 17'6" height barrier and made it smoothly into the procession. Crowd numbers seemed down a little this year although they still joined in with the Carnaval theme of the cart.

The transfer to Shepton Mallet was long  and apart from Gary's tractor being sick and a few unhelpful car drivers we made it into Shepton in good time and the road-crew arrived home just after 3AM. 

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Bridgwater 2009

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The cart left the shed promptly at 9am on the 6th November after several members spent the whole night doing last minute fixes. We had the usual problem of the cart grounding out as we left the shed and the cart got stuck in Cheer Lane for the second year in a row, this time it was the trees not the pavement that caught us out.

We made it into Bridgwater to line up within our specified time limit, which is a first for many years! Final preparations in Parkway went well with no major dramas. The procession went well and the crowd joined in with the dancing which is always good to see. We came 6th in class which was an encouraging result.

Thanks to hick1066 for this video on youtube:

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