Weekly club meeting are held at our headquarters in the Sedgemoor Inn, if you are interested in joining please contact us or come along on a Sunday evening and meet up with us before our meeting at 7:30p

Mayday Fete this year will be on the 7th May 2018, please book early if you would like a pitch at the car boot.

Westonzoyland Carnival Club

New tractor arrives

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With just 4 weeks before our first carnival we finally get our hands on our new tractor. After valliant efforts to repair our old Case 1694 the decision was finaly made to scarp it and purchase a new vehicle. If you'd need spares for one of these tractors, please contact us.

After many meeting during which the different merits of vehicle type Lorry/Tractor/Tug and braking systems Air/Oil/Air-Over-Oil were discussed it was finally decided to stick with the tried and trusted agricultural tractor. After much searching a Ford 9700 was found.

New Ford

Thanks to Gary for driving the tractor back early on Sunday morning, sadly this coincided with the first frost of the year and there was no windscreen in the tractor!

A big Thanks to Ken Boobyer for all his efforts in finding and preparing the tractor in such a short time-frame.

And after just four weeks it looked like this:

Completed Tractor (almost)

Our only worry now is that VOSA will take the decision to ban tractors all together and we'll have to find a lorry!

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Bridgwater Carnival 2012

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After all the dissapointment with the tractor last year we arrived in Bridgwater in good shape, although it was a shame a little more of the paint didn't have time dry.A big thanks to Gary and the team for getting the cart to Parkway in good time, we even had time to sit down and have a cuppa before the parade!The cart looked magnificant as we set of and a 3rd in class was a well deserved result.

Thanks to "Al Crook" for this YouTube video.

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 Andto "TopCat1066" for a view from the other side...

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Mayday Update

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BBC Somerset will be broadcasting from Westonzoyland Mayday Fete. Emma Britton will broadcast live from the event which is organised by Westonzoyland Carnival Club and hosted by Westonzoyland Community centre between 9:00am and 12pm on the 7th May.The Fete officially opens at 12pm.


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Results 2012

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Bridgwater - 3rd in 'Feature cart - Open', 8th in 'Best tractor'

Weston-Super-Mare - 9th in 'Feature cart - Open'

North Petherton - 1st in 'Feature cart -Local'

Burnham - 9th in 'Feature cart -Open'

Shepton Mallet - 8th in 'Feature cart -Open'

Wells -

Glastonbury -

For a full round-up of the results check the Somerset Carnival website

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Early progress

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Can you guess what it is yet?In an attempt to learn from last years' dissapointments, this year the club was intent on making an early start to the build and maintaining the momentum through-out the year. Gary said he was fed-up with switching the lights on for the first-time whilst parked up in Parkway prior to our first procession and many of the members were so exhausted after the last few days of building that they had very little left for the procession.


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