Walk Update Day 2

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Our aim today is to walk the 45 miles to Liftondown on the A30. Check the map below to find out where we are, we'll update our status as often as we can. If you'd like to sponsor us you can do that through Paypal all donations are going toward club funds ready for Novembers Carnival season.

2020: The guys have finished their 3rd marathon in two days and have just 3 mile left to make camp for the morning.

1415: Crossing Bodmin Moor, the scenery is fantastic and so far no sign of the beast.

1630: Just north of Bodmin now with 24 miles under there belts, 12 more to do today.

1140: The guys have now completed their second marathon, 52 miles completed. Steve now also has blisters.

0915: A quick update from the guys and all is going well, but Tim has his first blister.

0600: A quick breakfast and we are off....

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