Walk Update Day 3

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Today we start at 6:00AM on our 47 milw walk to Cadburry on the A377. If you'd like to sponsor us you can do that through Paypal all donations are going toward club funds ready for Novembers Carnival season.

2120: Finally arrived at Ray's daughter, one more night in a caravan and we'll be on our way home. Only completed 38 miles today so there is a bit of work to do tomorrow.

1850: Still 5.4 miles to Crediton.

1725: 27.9 miles, another marathon completed and e're just outside BOW. We keep hearing the rumblings of thunder in the distance, let's just hope the rain stays away, but literally as I am writing this I can hear the pitter patter of rain on the Land Rover roof.

1637: 25.6 miles completed and it's still raining.

1605: Wow what a storm, the thunder and lightning is magnificent, as long as you are not walking in it that is. The rain is really heavy now and the guys are getting very wet

1540: Heading up to Crediton and we've just been caught in a big hail shower with thunder and lighting. Just had a visit from Ruth and Tracy with with some very welcome sandwiches, even some Gluten free ones! Thank-you ladies :-)

1410: Oakhampton and 20.4 mile behind us we head up to Crediton. The rain has stopped but it's still overcast. Tim just before the rain

1334: Down the hill into Oakhampton 18.9 miles and the rain is starting to come down.

1315: Off the A30 now onto the B368 up towards Oakhampton, we've only covered 17 miles so far, 30 more to do today.

1227: Just about to leave the A30 for some back roads, the guys won't be sad to see the back of that road..

1140: It's been a LONG drag up the hill to Sourton Down but we are now at the top.Steve at the top of the hill

1050: We're still going up hill, which is great for Steve's aching shins and the sun is finally out.

1010: 7.9 miles completed today and the hill in front of us looks long an steep. Andy & Roy in the Land Rover

0920: The wind has dropped off a little now and it has brightened up.

0800: Finally met up with the the guys and Trevor. Steve and Tim are looking a little tired, but we're confident once they get moving things will loosen up. We manged to pack all the stuff into the Land Rover and now wished we'd brought the trailer! It's cold at the moment and there is a fair bit of wind. Tim and Steve

0600: Time to be on our way.

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