Sponsored Walks


Steve – The final leg 

As many of you will be aware Steve was unable to complete the last day of the walk due to Cellulitus in his shins brought on by trauma. Before finally giving into the pain back in April he was walking down the hills backward so that his shins didn’t hurt as much. Having missed the last day Steve felt he couldn’t collect his sponsor money untill he had completed the last 45 miles, so during the 27th and 28th May he will be walking the last 45 miles, so if you see him walking between Crediton and Westonzoyland give him a wave.  

We are hoping he will be back in the village around 7:30pm on Saturday. Stay tuned to keep up with his progress. 

27th May 

2226 : Just heard from Steve, he got as far as Tiverton today which leaves him with 36 miles to do tomorrow. His legs are causing a little discomfort but he is confident tomorrow will be a good day.  

 28th May 

1036 : Steve has crossed the border and is now back in Somerset. 

1410 : Steve is making good progress and has just made it through Taunton. He is hoping to make Burrobridge at about 7pm and back to The Sedgmoor Inn Westonzoyland at arount 8pm. 

 2000 : Steve was joined for the last 10 miles of his walk by Matt Heard and he finally made it home to the cheers  club members. A bottle of champagne was waiting which was duly sprayed over those watching. Congratulations Steve!  


Thank You  

Tim and Steve would like to say a BIG thank-you to all those who supported their walk from Lands End to Westonzoyland. It truley was a magnificent effort that was only made possible by the club members and non-members who gave of their time and effort to prepare, support and encourage them along the way. A special thank-you to their wives Tracy and Ruth and to the support drivers Trevor, Roy and Andrew 

Sadly Steve had to pull out of the last day due to a tissue infection in his legs, but once recovered he has vowed to complete the last days walk. 

Thank-you to all from the King Alfred Pub at Burrowbrigde for creating a wonderful reception committee and especially to all at the Sedgemoor Inn for the welcome party. 

If you’d like to sponsor us you can do that through Paypal all donations are going toward club funds ready for Novembers Carnival season. 



Tim accompanied home by his Dad 


Walk update 4  

Our final day and a 36 mile walk to the Sedgemoor Inn Westonzoyland. If you’d like to sponsor us you can do that through Paypal all donations are going toward club funds ready for Novembers Carnival season. 


2110: We finally made it, 161 miles of hard slog. We had a wonderful welcome at the King Alfred at Burrowbridge then as we came into Westonzoyland villagers came out to line the road up to the pub. Well done to everyone involved, a truly wonderful effort. 

1739: Leaving Taunton we head out through Bathpool and a decision stairs us in the face: Burrowbridge or North Petherton? Stay tuned….. 

1413: The sun just can’t decide what to do, but Tim knows axactly what he’s doing. Tracy and Maththew popped out with some sandwiches which were very welcome adn we even had some road side support, THANK-YOU.  


Road-side support 

1413: Just approaching Wellington, the sun came out for a while but has gone in again although it is still bright. Tim’s ankle is starting to give some concern. 

1331: Back onto the A38 now, 24 miles to go. 

The man they call the MACHINE 

1137: Taking the back roads which are very picturesque. 

1118: Just crossed over the A38, 15.5 mile complete, 31 to go.  


The man they call the MACHINE 

1035: Through Tiverton now. 

0955: Making good progress on our last day, 10 mile in just over two hours, almost at Tiverton. 

0728: Heading up the hill out of Crediton now. There are 40 mile to do today, the weather is dry and fresh 

0645: Time to be on our way. 


Walk Update 3 

Today we start at 6:00AM on our 47 milw walk to Cadburry on the A377. If you’d like to sponsor us you can do that through Paypal all donations are going toward club funds ready for Novembers Carnival season. 


2120: Finally arrived at Ray’s daughter, one more night in a caravan and we’ll be on our way home. Only completed 38 miles today so there is a bit of work to do tomorrow. 

1850: Still 5.4 miles to Crediton. 

1725: 27.9 miles, another marathon completed and e’re just outside BOW. We keep hearing the rumblings of thunder in the distance, let’s just hope the rain stays away, but literally as I am writing this I can hear the pitter patter of rain on the Land Rover roof. 

1637: 25.6 miles completed and it’s still raining. 

1605: Wow what a storm, the thunder and lightning is magnificent, as long as you are not walking in it that is. The rain is really heavy now and the guys are getting very wet 

1540: Heading up to Crediton and we’ve just been caught in a big hail shower with thunder and lighting. Just had a visit from Ruth and Tracy with with some very welcome sandwiches, even some Gluten free ones! Thank-you ladies 🙂 

1410: Oakhampton and 20.4 mile behind us we head up to Crediton. The rain has stopped but it’s still overcast.  



1334: Down the hill into Oakhampton 18.9 miles and the rain is starting to come down. 

1315: Off the A30 now onto the B368 up towards Oakhampton, we’ve only covered 17 miles so far, 30 more to do today. 

1227: Just about to leave the A30 for some back roads, the guys won’t be sad to see the back of that road.. 

1140: It’s been a LONG drag up the hill to Sourton Down but we are now at the top. 



1050: We’re still going up hill, which is great for Steve’s aching shins and the sun is finally out. 

1010: 7.9 miles completed today and the hill in front of us looks long an steep.  


Andy & Roy 

0920: The wind has dropped off a little now and it has brightened up. 

0800: Finally met up with the the guys and Trevor. Steve and Tim are looking a little tired, but we’re confident once they get moving things will loosen up. We manged to pack all the stuff into the Land Rover and now wished we’d brought the trailer! It’s cold at the moment and there is a fair bit of wind.  


Tim and Steve 

0600: Time to be on our way. 


Walk update day 2 


Our aim today is to walk the 45 miles to Liftondown on the A30. Check the map below to find out where we are, we’ll update our status as often as we can. If you’d like to sponsor us you can do that through Paypal all donations are going toward club funds ready for Novembers Carnival season. 


2020: The guys have finished their 3rd marathon in two days and have just 3 mile left to make camp for the morning. 

1415: Crossing Bodmin Moor, the scenery is fantastic and so far no sign of the beast. 

1630: Just north of Bodmin now with 24 miles under there belts, 12 more to do today. 

1140: The guys have now completed their second marathon, 52 miles completed. Steve now also has blisters. 

0915: A quick update from the guys and all is going well, but Tim has his first blister. 

0600: A quick breakfast and we are off…. 


Walk Update Day 1 


Our aim today is to walk the 36 miles from Lands End to Newquay. Check the map below to find out where we are, we’ll update our status as often as we can. If you’d like to sponsor us you can do that through Paypal all donations are going toward club funds ready for Novembers Carnival season. 


1945: The guys finally made camp at the New Perran Holiday Park, Newquay after covering 36 miles. Chef Fisher is now cooking dinner and Steve & Tim can finally rest their tired legs. 

1638: The guys have just completed their first marathon and are almost at Redruth, so that’s 26 miles down and 135 to go.It’s very hot out on the road and despite plastering on the suncream both Tim and Steve are suffering sunburn. Their legs are starting to hurt but there are just 10 miles to go to Newquay. Please use the Donate button to show your support for Tim and Steve. 

1101: Had a call from the guys and they have just walked through Drift, just west of Penzance. This morning as they were limbering up they met up with Darren Johnson who finished his 26-day John O’Groats to Lands End walk last night. 

1018: We’re 6 miles in and all is going well 

0843: We’re on the road at last… 


Tim and Steve’s walk 


Time is getting nearer and the preparations are going well. Thanks to everybody who has offered support so far and to those who are helping with the logisitcs, preparation and training.  

We are hoping to complete a long walk this weekend 17th April of around 22 miles to make sure that we are happy with the pace that each of us are walking and then just complete the last 2 weeks of training to make sure that we are in tip top shape.  

Thanks to the other club members who have agreed to cover our essentials for the trip and to Trevor, Andy and Roy who are each giving up 2 days of their lives to follow 2 lunatics walking along a road. Additional thanks to Gary who has agreed to loan his caravan for one of the nights away and to Jasmine and her family for agreeing that we can pitch up at their house in Crediton.  

Further update coming soon but if you would like to offer any support please click on the donate button at the top of the page. 



One week to go 


Just over a week to go now, and final preparations are going well.  

A few more thankyou’s. Thanks to Keith at Newperran Holiday park and Louise at South Breazle Holidays for allowing us to stay on their sites for one night each to allow us to use their facilities to rest and freshen up. And further thanks to Jual Clothing and especially Alison for additional support with t shirts for the event. 

Thanks to all of the club for donating towards our food for the 4 days and to anybody else that we have missed.  

Possibly one more update next week but if not watch this page for up to date reports on how we are getting on during the walk and hope to see anybody wishing to come and have a celebratory drink in the Sedgemoor Inn on the Sunday evening. Now that’s worth finishing on time for!! 

Any final donations please click on the link above and thanks again for everybodies support so far. 


Sponsored Walk  


Over 28th April until 1st May two of our intrepid adventurer members Tim and Steve will be doing a sponsored walk from Landsend to Westonzoyland to raise money for this year’s carnival cart. They will be covering a total distance on foot of 161miles and hope to have the walk completed in 4 days.  

They are hoping that by committing to such a testing challenge that people will offer up huge amounts of support and hope that they will be able to raise a great sum to support their club.  

You will be able to follow their progress on the map below, and via the local papers and radio.  

If you are able to offer any support or would like to sponsor them, forms are available in Westonzoyland Butchers or village stores and at the Sedgemoor Inn, alternatively you can donate through the donate button at the top of this page.  

They would like to thank their supporters so far who are, Trevor and Jackie Fisher(for use of their camper as the welfare vehicle), Westonzoyland Shop, Westonzoyland Butchers, The Sedgemoor Inn – Westonzoyland, Jual Printing and Branded clothing – Bridgwater, RT Signs – Bridgwater, Clarks international – Street, Howdens – Bridgwater and anybody else who has sponsored them.